Whether its laminate or tile, carpet or hardwood Luxe Home Remodel offers amazing options and furnishings for any room in your home.


Homes can often be built with wiring and outlets that are not up your standards or up to code. We can rewire, reallocate and redesign a setup that makes using your electricity more efficient and more elegant.


Getting water from one part of your home to another is an easily overlooked task ; out of sight, out of mind. Yet it can become an unsightly disaster due to a leak or rupture of faulty pipes or old faucets. Luxe Home Remodel can suggest the best options for refitting your home and how to best locate appliances to use them more effectively.


New additions to your family happen all the time; new pet, new car, new baby. Some require a little more room, some require a whole new room. Luxe Home Remodel can build you a space that's comfortable for any member of your household


A splash of color can add depth to a room or bring new life to an old one. Our experts can make suggestions that suit your style the best and complete the project in a timely fashion.


Your kitchen is often the center of activity of your home. With cabinets and drawers getting much of the attention, you're going to want not only the most durable, long-lasting material but a quality look and finish. Luxe Home Remodel has a wide variety of styles to choose from and an experienced staff to help you make the best choice.


Over the course of a year, you may spend up to two weeks in your bathroom. Yet with a Luxe Home Remodel treatment including spa tub installation, vanity mirrors, or new marble floors, maybe you'll want to stay a little longer.